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The Li'l Depressed Boy -- "Guest Fortnight: Little LDB in She's in a Valentine, Saying 'Won't You Be Mine'" -- January 29, 2010, 1:28 AM
The Li'l Depressed Boy -- "Guest Fortnight: The End"

And so, that wraps up our Guest Fortnight. What have we learned about ourselves? Well, I've learned that I'm such a control freak that my "vacation" from the strip ended up being more work than a regular work week. Okay, less about control and more about wanting to not be left out with all the fun. So, I made sure I colored every strip and lettered most of them, too. And you know what? I made the right decision. These strips were a lot of fun, and turned out great. I'm glad I could be a part of it.

Thanks to Leo Burke, Zach Trover, Travis Fox, Chris Fenoglio, Raul Rodarte and Kat Cahill for helping out. And double thanks to Scott Arnold and Nick Brandt for starting the fortnight off, and now ending it. Aw crap, not Nick Brandt. Vaughn Mason. Why do I always confuse Nick Brandt and Vaughn Mason? All you guys did a great job, and it was fun to see all those other interpretations. Thanks so much.

Thanks also goes out to Daniel C. Ramos for writing a script that was just too long to fit into the time alloted; To Drew Blood, Seth Walker, and the Klute for volunteering, but the deadline was just too short for them to make. Thank you, guys. Sorry, I only gave you two days. We'll get you in there next time.

Next week, it's back to our regular scheduled programming with me writing the strips again on the regular schedule. So, come back next Wednesday for the continuing adventures of The Li'l Depressed Boy.

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